Those of you who know anything about the Handy Family of Dealerships (e.g., Handy Toyota, and Toyota Motors know that customer satisfaction is paramount. In our neck of the woods and even across the nation, the stigma of the dishonest car sales consultant still persists today; with legitimate legislation in place against, for example, dropping the residual value set forth during the leased vehicle’s contract signing it’s not what it used to be, but the ideology still remains. Further, with online review sites such as, customers now have an unbiased and most importantly anonymous arena in which to gripe, praise, or otherwise write about their new and used car sales, service and parts, or even rental experiences without fear of repercussion.

All this aside, Toyota and Handy Toyota are and have been build upon a solid foundation of customer support. Point in case: the so-called (and clearly disproven) “sudden” acceleration recall of 2010. During this time, NASA, the United States government via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Toyota’s own engineers pulled apart several Toyota vehicles and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no malfunction in the systems within. But still, Toyota recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles and replaced components and in some cases bought back vehicles to ease the worried consumer.

The Toyota Business Pyramid is something that forms the notions behind the recall. The pyramid, which is a visual of what you think when the word is heard, forms a hierarchy of how to do business - responsibly. From the top down, Toyota’s business philosophy is aimed at improving customer happiness and/or satisfaction above all else, innovating products, and keeping drivers - the folks paying to keep them in business (and by them I mean US, too) - safe.

Again: Handy Toyota, regardless of the brand we sell, whether it’s a new Land Cruiser or base Yaris, or a used car of another make and model, fully buy into and believe this theory and its why we’ve grown to where we are over the past 60 years and why we’ve earned honors such as the VT Toyota Dealer of the Year for DealerRater… and of course the point of today’s blog, the 7th consecutive Toyota President’s Award.

With all that said, thank you all out there who view our blogs, come in for service, and browse our virtual and/or actual dealership for new and used Toyota vehicles. It’s because of you and the answers you’ve given Toyota Motors about your experiences here that got us this and the previous six awards, so this is as much for you as it for us. It’s great to know that we’re doing a good job, but it’s better to know that OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SATISFIED.

Thanks again for your continued support across the board.

Handy Toyota
St. Albans, VT 05478